I'm strange and I waste enough time on this site to expose the extent of my madness. I like a lot of things. I'm the badass rebel who likes breaking internet safety rules to talk to strangers, so feel free to say hi to me. :]

WARNING: I live a Panda appreciation life.

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belong to the world






Looking forward to Calculus tomorrow because cute guy !!!!!1!!1!

Does anyone else ever YouTube the ending scene of Devdas, watch it 3 times, and torture themselves?

Because I know I do.


[finishes watching lootera] i can’t believe i cried over a fucking leaf

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In short, as someone said in some movie, there is something called destiny, and no one can stop it.

Title: Awari
Artist: Soch The Band
Played: 413 times

Awari - Soch The Band - Ek Villain (2014)

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either…

Esha Gupta in Varun Bahl Saree At Aza Store Launch

T h a n k  y o u for the m o r n i n g  c o l o r s.