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WARNING: I live a Panda appreciation life.

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Whistle Podu’: some of the legendary moments in Bangalore Days.  

Aju and Kuttan have an important discussion on the health issues of Kerala.

(Timely, because of all the coconut oil-drenched delicacies we all overate thanks to Onam yesterday!)


Dads at One Direction concerts [via]

happy 63rd birthday mammootty
here’s wishing the living legend a wonderful birthday and many more wonderful characters and prosperous years ahead. thank you for all the years of entertainment, the characters that live on in my memory, the unforgettable dialogues, and the adorable son of yours ;P

I need to stop straightening my hair so much and leave it in its natural state but idk how?? My natural hair is super frizzy but I’d rather figure out how to leave it/ style it without heat rather than straighten it every other day. sigh. 

Plus I’m tired of straight hair now lol. 

How do you peeps get your natural hair to look decent enough to leave it down??? help.

Happy Onam to all my fellow Malayalis
Wishing everyone a wonderful Thiruonam and a prosperous year ahead.